Clay Hardwick is an artist, videographer, and video editor and often creates under the name “ECHOMECH.” He is originally from Jackson, Mississippi but currently lives in Chattanooga, TN.​

Clay first started exploring photography in his early teens. When he got his first digital camera and was able to manipulate his images, a whole new world of digital art opened up. Years later in 2009, Hardwick would go on to graduate from Millsaps College, focusing on Digital Arts. He developed a passion for telling stories through digital mediums.​​

Over the years Clay has won dozens of awards in regional film festivals, been nominated twice for Regional Emmy, Davey and Telly Awards mostly for his work on music videos or documentaries, both web, television and film. He has done work for many national and local clients, including PBS, Walmart, the Human Rights Campaign, MS Public Broadcasting, MS Museum of Art, and others.​

*Clay is currently available for freelance videography and video editing based out of East Tennessee. (will travel)