Saturday, June 7, 2014

SUBMERGED featuring A-SIDES (Eastside/ Metalheadz/ Basshead/ True Playaz) – London, United Kingdom

$10 @ Door
9 PM – Till
Beer will be for sale.




A SIDES (Eastside/ Metalheadz/ Basshead/ True Playaz) – London, United Kingdom

A true veteran DJ, producer and engineer, A Sides has an epic collection of releases to his name making him one of the most prolific and versatile artists in drum & bass.

Over the course of his extensive career, A Sides has never limited himself to a single style and has proved to be a highly capable selector whatever style he is drawing for.

Reaching out with a sound that has truly global appeal, A Sides continues to tour the world over and 2013 has seen him grace the turntables in places like Sardinia, Russia, Poland, Amsterdam, Hungary, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Jason Cambridge (aka A Sides) has been producing music since 1990 and has released well over 500 tracks to date across many of the scene’s biggest labels.

He established his own label Eastside Records in 1996 and has since put out over 85 releases, including two compilation albums (Eastside Jamz Volumes 1 & 2) as well as A Sides solo albums “Follow The Groove” “Worldwide” “Mysterious Vibes” and the most recent album album “Based Upon Bass”

A highly accomplished engineer as well as an artist in his own right, A Sides has collaborated with the likes of Calibre, Makoto, DJ Marky, Break, Jo-S, Kemo, Deeizm, Mc Mc, Randall, Jenna G, Mark de Clive-Lowe and jazz musician Nathan Haines (under the guise of Sci-Clone)

His long-standing partnership with MC Fats has borne some of his biggest tracks to date, including the massive hit “What U Don’t Know” which featured on A Sides’ debut long-player in 2003.
To catch the pair performing live is to hear drum & bass at it’s finest, with the deep soul sound of MC Fats bringing the perfect complement to A Sides razor sharp beats.

With tracks released on many other labels such as Metalheadz, Valve, True Playaz, Bingo, Innerground, Reinforced, Advanced, Liqweed Ganja and Hospital to name but a few, A Sides has a discography of truly epic proportions.

A veteran of the scene from the early days, through hardcore to jungle to drum & bass, his influence has been immense. Over the years he’s taken on the role A&R for many labels, including of course his own imprints Fuze and Eastside, and was among the first to recognize and nurture the talent of producers such as Break.

Always moving forward and shaping new styles, in 2008 he established BassHead Music together with Juan BassHead aka DJ Burn to showcase the finest in dubstep and bass heavy beats.

After a successful debut (feat. 12th Planet and Skream) there have been releases from Otto Von Schirach, Noah D feat. Einstein, Datsik, Bassnectar, Silver, Bare, Break, Serum, Figure, Hulk, Zed’s Dead & The Killabits & Wheez-ie. Following this a compilation album All Killer No Filler was also release seeing Basshead regulars stepping up alongside new artists such as Mr Explicit, Total Science, DJ Sneak, Jah Free, Code 305, Animal Crackerz, Agzilla and Bats.

With a diverse music policy, encompassing not just dubstep but other bass-heavy beats, BassHead has some exciting projects in the making over the next 12 months. To add icing on the cake Basshead have also just won the 2013 Red Bull Culture Clash in Miami making them a force to be reckoned with.

A Sides has also recently added a digital arm to Eastside Records and made the entire back-catalogue available for mp3 download from digital store Beatport. For most of 2013 he has been the figurehead behind a fundraising album for his good friend MC Fats who has been suffering with health problems. He has managed to compile an album with over 30 tracks from many high profile artists. Those involved are S.P.Y, Makoto, Command Strange, Goldie, Bailey, Serum & Bladerunner, D-Bridge, London Electricty, DJ Zinc, DJ Hype, Potential Bad Boy, Will Miles, Random Movement, Brother, DJ S.I.N, Crix, Cleveland Watkiss, Total Science, Calibre, Need For Mirrors, Quadrant , Iris & Kid Hops, TC, Cabin Fever, Break & Die, Basher, Alix Perez, Emtek, LAOS, Mackadena, MC Random, XRS, Regina, Ego Trippin & Mr Explicit.

Other projects set for 2014 are a new A Sides solo album and also a joint collaboration album with Japanese producer Makoto. The future is looking bright!

With support from:

NIK B(Hectic Bass) – New Orleans, LA
JEFFY D(Waxlastic/ ADHD/ Tightstep Concept)
360 DEGREES(Tightstep Concept/ M.I.A Drum & Bass/ OTB Soundsystem)
REPERCUSSION(Tightstep Concept)
MONOXIDE(Tightstep Concept)
MC MR FLUID(Tightstep Concept)