Video Editing

I have over eight years of video editing experience in a number of platforms. I have enjoyed piecing together numerous short films, commercials, and short documentaries. I have a passion for telling stories and a bright admiration for color.

I work primarily on Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro 7, but have experience with Avids, After Effects, and Motion. I also have a solid knowledge of complimentary programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Compressor to enhance my opportunities in the edit bay.

The following videos are examples of projects in which I was the video editor. These are commercial or professional projects, for more (creative) examples, visit the music videos page. I am available for freelance work. Please view my RESUME and contact me for my hourly and daily rates.


“Rising Above the Surge” Full length documentary. Produced by Katie Savage (MPB)

“subSIPPI” Trailer for Full Length Documentary

“Photamerica” Josh Hailey (VIMBY)

MOMables Smoothie Recipe –

Kickstarter Promo for “AJC”

Mississippi Democratic Response to 2015 State of the State

MS Roads “Millsaps in Mayaland” (MPB)