– Video Installation.

Millsaps College [2008]

Millsaps College [2008] Collaboration with Murphey Parker



For my senior thesis at Millsaps College, I constructed and exhibited six (in)TELETENTs and one final Club House. Below is media documenting this series.

One To One Studios


– Experimental Videos.

“Your Soul and Mine”


“I Promise Not To Get Paint on my Glasses”

“Puppet Untitled”


“Dark Mornings of February”

(TR) Manifest Practice

“Motion Art Piece #1”

– Indulge the Derivative.

Thursday, October 2nd from 6 to 9pm, One to One Studios in the Millsaps Arts District hosts Indulge The Derivative: Layering/Tunneling/Terrain, a multimedia art installation designed to creatively explore the connection between perception and Reality.
Local artists Clay Hardwick and daniel johnson use music, film, dance, paint, and miscellaneous hardware to construct an experience which explores the individuals search to creatively connect perception and Reality.
Audiences will move within an exhibit viewing works inspired by self-imposed challenges and processes. The challenges and processes were designed to transmute limits from the artists everyday world into physical markings and directions which the artists could then interpret in a variety of mediums.

– Teal Optical.